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CES 2019: Protecting Your Finanical and Digital Life

As technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it offers the speed and convenience of staying in touch and keeping up to date in real-time from nearly anywhere. We can contact friends and family, schedule meetings and appointments, do our shopping and our banking all while on the go. But with that connectivity and convenience comes the added risk of someone else gaining access to our information, our finances, and even our identity.

In this series of training sessions, we will explore all the areas of risk associated with using technology in our everyday lives and explain how to better protect yourself, your devices, your accounts and your identity.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include (but are not limited to):

  • Defending against social engineering
  • Protecting your online accounts
  • Safeguarding your identity
  • Securing your mobile devices
  • Securing your home network
  • Protecting your data from loss, theft, and corruption
  • Using public and private Wi-Fi safely
  • What to do when an account has been compromised
  • What to do when you suspect you have been the victim of a cyber attack
  • Reporting and recovering from identity theft

The series will continue in January, 2020 and sessions will be held monthly with all future dates and times to be announced. The sessions are open to all BSB customers. Please RSVP at least two days in advance if you plan to attend.

Please RSVP by using the form below.

Please include any specific questions you may have and would like us to answer during the sessions. Alternatively, you may contact us at 517-486-2151 to reserve your spot.


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