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ATM/Debit Card Information

Help stop fraud! Please Contact Us to report a lost or stolen debit card!

An ATM/Debit Card is a unique and valuable tool that provides convenient access to funds and a much more efficient and secure method of spending than checks or cash. In addition, debit card transactions are automatically deducted from your checking account and a detailed record of all your transactions appear on your monthly statement. This means less risk of accruing debt by spending more than you have, as is commom with credit cards, and improved cash management and tracking.

Our ATM/Debit Cards can be used for purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted and to withdraw cash at any ATM on the PULSE® or Cirrus® networks. Please see details on Daily Limits and ATM Fees below.

Daily Limits

  • ATM Cash Out: $300
  • Debit Card Purchase: $1000
  • Cash Advance: $1000

If the available balance is sufficient to conduct a transaction higher than any of the above,
please Contact Us to temporarily increase these limits.

ATM Fees

BSB does not charge a fee to our cardholders for the use of our ATMs. However, we may assess a nominal fee for any transaction made at a Foreign ATM (not owned by us). You may also be charged a fee by the Foreign ATM operator or network used.

ATM Locations

There are 24-hour ATMs located at both offices in Blissfield. In addition, our Debit Cards work with any ATM on the PULSE® or Cirrus® networks.

To locate other PULSE ATMs near you, use the PULSE ATM Locator.

NOTICE: BSB will be blocking debit card transactions relating to the countries of Romania, Iran, St. Kitts-Nevis, and the Philippines. Recent fraudulent activity indicates these hot spots are generating transactions that could be a loss to the bank and/or our customers.

Please inform us if you will be using your card outside of the U.S. Otherwise, this activity will appear suspicious and may lead to a denial of transactions.