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Introducing the next generation of
Blissnet™ and Blissnet Mobile™

The new and improved online and mobile banking apps will bring new features along with an improved user interface and enhanced security!

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New features and enhancements include...

  1. A fresh new look and feel with a customizable interface!
  2. No more watermark image on the web version.
  3. No more challenge questions to remember.
  4. Improved 2-factor authentication using one-time-passcodes sent to your mobile device using SMS or an authenticator app.
  5. Improved balance and transaction alerting to help you stay informed of account activity.
  6. The ability to link external accounts and make bank to bank transfers!
  7. A built-in messaging and support center--send questions or requests directly to us from within the app and get fast responses and assistance.

Check back soon for more details and how to get started!