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Community Spotlight

As a community bank, we value the community we serve and strive to support our local businesses.

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Our Featured Business of the Month

"Transcend" means to rise above or go beyond; to pass beyond the limits of; or to excel. We want to help you pass beyond your limits so that you will rise above your injury to achieve a meaningful goal; whether it is to be able to walk a block without pain or difficulty or to return to a competitive sport. We are passionate about improving our patient's function and quality of life and are invigorated by helping you overcome challenges. Come experience the Transcend difference!

Located at 116 S. Lane Street, Blissfield, MI 49228
Open Monday through Thursday 7am to 7pm
Fridays 7am to 6pm

Give them a call at 517-486-5278, or email info@transcendphysicaltherapy.com to get info or schedule an appointment.


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