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Health Savings Accounts

Does your High Deductible Health Plan have you singing the blues? Open an HSA at Blissfield State Bank and your contributions are tax deductible and withdrawals to pay qualified medical expenses are tax free.


  • Ability to write checks
  • Roll balance over from year to year
  • Interest bearing
  • Regular current year contributions to the account may be deposited by automatic payroll deduction, a transfer using the Blissnet Online Banking service, or a recurring transfer from another Blissfield State Bank account by establishing an automatic funds transfer (AFT), as well as the traditional checking account deposit.
  • For customary distributions, we charge a fee of $0.25 for each check written. You can avoid this fee by electronically accessing the account free of charge with a debit card, the Blissnet Online Banking Bill Pay feature, or online payment at vendor websites, etc.
  • The monthly service charge for this account is $2. You can reduce this to $1 by using our free Blissnet Online Banking service AND activating e-Statements for this account instead of receiving paper statements in the mail.


  • Free MasterCard® ATM/Debit Card
  • Free Blissnet™ Online Banking with Bill Pay
  • eStatements